The possibility of shaping the finned tubes in the most varied geometric shapes allows the creation of coils "spring-shaped" or Archimedes spiral exchangers of various sizes. DAV-F-SNAKE are ideal to be installed in combination with axial fans. DAV-I-SNAKE are made of smooth tubes and specifically designed as ice storage units. DAV-S-SNAKE are extremely suitable for indirectly cooling / heating process gases and liquids or recovering energy with fluids with a high fouling rate or sediments. DAV-PS-SNAKE combines extremely compact dimensions with the need to be cleaned easily and thoroughly. DAV BULLET are smart cartridge type. DAV HT can withstand temperatures up to 950 ° C, shaped to fit steam boilers' smoke chambers. DAV FLAT are ideal in all applications where it is necessary to transfer heat statically without air flows such as in industrial ovens.


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