DAV Econd

DAV ECOND is designed to recover heat from exhaust gas produced for example by boilers and turbines or combustion engines used in co-generation (combined heat and power systems). It is a simple and cost-effective way to increase the system efficiency, reducing energy demand and CO2 emissions. The heat exchanger transfers the heat from the exhaust gas to a liquid (water, water-glycol solutions or oil). The heated-up liquid can be used in other applications such as preheating feedwater in steam boilers, heating potable water or process fluids (technical water, thermal oil). Indirectly can heat-up air for the combustion chambers of furnaces and turbines, to dry grains, pulp, wood and other materials. Specific modules can reduce the exhaust gas temperature below the dew point, condensing the vapours and recovering the latent heat as well. The choice of materials and design is made according to the performance and conditions indicated by the customer.


Modular design
for high versatility

Integral Gas
bypass option

Removable exchangers

Acid proof materials for corrosive environments

Opening for inspection
and cleaning

Up to 70% of welded
joints less

DAV Econd Technical Data