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The heat exchange

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Packaged Heat Exchangers

The packaged heat exchangers present in this range are versatile and efficient, particularly suitable for industrial applications.

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Packaged Heat Exchangers

Packaged Heat Exchangers

icon DAV Dry

Fin-fan dry cooler

icon DAV Heat

DAV Heat
Air cooler & condenser

icon DAV Chill

DAV Chill
Fin-fan air chiller

icon DAV Econd

DAV Econd
Economizer & condensing heat exchanger

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Finned Heat Exchangers

They are custom designed and are available in a wide range of materials and geometries.

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Finned Heat Exchangers

Finned Heat Exchangers

icon DAV Slit

DAV Slit
Round-tube plate fin heat exchanger

icon DAV Helix

DAV Helix
Finned-tube heat exchanger

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Plate Heat Exchangers

The undulation of the channels improves the mixing in the boundary layers of the fluid, which consequently increases the heat transfer.

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Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate Heat Exchangers

icon DAV Plate

DAV Plate
Cross-flow plate heat exchanger

icon DAV Pillow

DAV Pillow
Pillow-plate heat exchanger

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Smooth tube heat exchangers

Cross Flow Smooth Tube Heat Exchangers are designed for systems that require heat transfer between flue gas and air without them coming into contact.

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Smooth tube heat exchangers

Smooth tube heat exchangers

icon DAV Gasy

DAV Gasy
Gas to air heat exchanger

icon DAV Airy

DAV Airy
Air pre-heater

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Tube in tube heat exchangers

DAV COAX heat exchangers consist of spiral wound concentric tubes, normally made of stainless steel.

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Tube in tube heat exchangers

Tube in tube heat exchangers

icon DAV Coax

DAV Coax
Coaxial tube in tube heat exchanger

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Coil heat exchangers

The possibility of shaping the finned tubes in the most varied geometric shapes allows the creation of coils "spring-shaped" or Archimedes spiral exchangers of various sizes.

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Coil heat exchangers

Coil heat exchangers

icon DAV Flat

DAV Flat
Radiant heat transfer plates

icon DAV HT

Steam superheater

icon DAV Bullet

DAV Bullet
Helical coil cartridge exchanger

icon DAV PS-snake

DAV PS-snake
Squashed smooth tube heat exchanger

icon DAV S-snake

DAV S-snake
Smooth tube heat exchanger

icon DAV I-snake

DAV I-snake
Ice storage units

icon DAV F-snake

DAV F-snake
Finned tube coils

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Hot air generator

The high-temperature hot air generators with high efficiency consist of several exchangers in cascade, with an integral combustion chamber for industrial jet burners.

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Hot air generator

Hot air generator

icon DAV Blaze

DAV Blaze
Hot air generator

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Pressurized Shell Heat Exchangers

Finned plate or finned tube heat exchangers inserted inside a casing, designed to withstand medium-low pressures.

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Pressurized Shell Heat Exchangers

Pressurized Shell Heat Exchangers

icon DAV Shell

DAV Shell
Small pressurized shell heat exchanger

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Finned Tubes

The type of fins used have a wavy base. The metal tape is wrapped around the tube and welded with a specific procedure.

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Finned Tubes

Finned Tubes

icon DAV Sole

DAV Sole
Longitudinal finned tubes

icon DAV Spiro

DAV Spiro
Transverse finned tubes



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Over the years it has been able to combine innovation and professionalism in order to offer each customer an excellent quality product.

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DAV COIL engineers and manufactures more than twenty types of exchangers, with various construction technologies and materials. It can therefore meet any heat exchange need by offering multiple alternatives for each application. Each product is always unique and specific. The very high level of customer loyalty and word of mouth confirms the appreciation for DAV COIL's expertise, innovation and consultative approach to each new request.

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More than 50 years of experience in the sector make DAVCOIL a unique and satisfying reality. Over the years it has been able to combine innovation and professionalism in order to offer each customer an excellent quality product.

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Our team is made up of professionals who have gained significant experience over the years oriented towards product quality and excellence in customer relations. For years our staff has been constantly trained in order to be always competitive on the market.

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The attention paid to every detail leaves no room for the unexpected, improving quality is a commitment that we renew with conviction day after day. For this reason our control systems provide for the verification of all components and each product is subjected to a severe test before being installed.


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